Combination 1 Dance

Combination 1 is a GroovX Dance only combination set.

Combination 2

Combination 2 combines: 2 Dance workouts, 2 Box Workouts and High Intensity Blast.  The Blast workout can be repeated a second time to make a longer workout.  For those prefering a  Low Intesnity Blast then please head back at this point to the Low Intensity Blast Page.

Combination 3

Combination 3 has 2 x Low Intensity Blast workouts.  These can be done once, for short workout, or twice for somthing a little longer.  Great for those new to or returning to exercise. Or perfect if you want short low intensity workout during your lunch time.

Combination 4

Combination 4 is made up of a series of Box workouts and finishes with a High Intensity Blast.  The Blast can be repeated to make a longer routine or it can be replaced with the Low Intensity version by going to the GroovX Blast Low Intensity part of the platform.

Combination 5

Combination 5 is made up of the first 6 workouts.  High and low options are given.  This is a greate stress reliever workout.

Combination 6

Combination 6 is made up of a combination of Stix and Scuplt workouts. Remember for Sculpt please use no higher that 1kg weights.

Combination 7

Combination 7 is a Sculpt and Flow combination.  This a low impact combination.  Please see advice given on the Sculpt page regarding use of weights.