Fitness sessions, activities and ideas to do at home.........

Children's Themed Fitness Sessions

A selection of pre recorded or recorded live children's themed fitness sessions.  All last approximately 25 minutes and involve a combination of themed dance and exercise to create fun engaing children's fitness sessions.







Rock Band






VE Day Celebration

Space Journey - No Music

Harry Potter

Ancient Egypt uploading soon


Star Wars

Dance Fitness and Circuit Sessions

A selection of easy to follow children's dance fitness tutorials, routines and circuit session.  Can be used individually or combined to make a longer fun, active childrens fintess class.  

Warm Up No Music

Warm Up Up Higher

15 min Dance Fitness Combo #1

Dance Tutorial & Routine Stick Together

HIIT Circuit Bottle

Dance Tutorial & Routine Sing Sing Sing

Dance Tutorial Reach Out To Me

Dance Routine Reach Out To Me

Teddy Bear HIIT Circuit Coming Soon

Cool Down No Music

Cool Down Love Out Loud

New Cool Down Routine Coming Soon

Active Story

A selection of active stories using children's favourite books.  A combination of story telling, actions and exercise to create a more active story time.

Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

A Squash And A Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Coming Soon We're Going On a Bear Hunt

About The House Fitness Games and Ideas

Easy, fun games and fitness activities that can easily be done at home and in the garden, using every day items as equipment.

Box It Ball

Bean Bag Curling

Bottle Balance

Active Curriculum Links

Fun active ideas to help make curriculum objectives more fun and engaging.

Maths Answer, Object, Action

Phonics/Spelling Sound - Letter Splat

Maths Counting/Tables Volleyball

Please ensure the following when partaking in fitness activities at home:

  • Anyone participating must be medically fit to do so and have clearance from their GP that it is OK to exercise.
  • The space in which you are exercising is safe - ensure there is nothing to trip over, bump into or slip on and that the surface on which you are exercising is suitable.
  •  Those participating must exercsie at their own level.
  •  Stop and rest whenever needed and ensure fluids are available to rehydrate during exercise.
  •  If exercising inside - ensure that the room is well ventilated.
  •  Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for exercise - trainers will help absorb any impact of the ground during certain exercises.
  • Parents please supervise your children when exercising to ensure you are happy with what they are doing and that they are doing activities safely.
  •  If those partipating begin to feel any discomfort, pain or begin to feel unwell then stop immediately and if necessary seek medical advice.
  • Particpants are responsible for monitoring their own health, or their child's health, during home exercise.
  • You are responsible for your and your childs own health and wellbeing - Youthercise cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage that may occur when exercising at home.